Sunday, March 13, 2011

When do I give up?

The Sunset - the failed sunset - is now The Failed Painting. Apart from being too stripey the 'sea'  was shit so I've tried turning it up and doing something else with it and its still shit.( Which means Store High In Tansit apparently!) I can't see anything other than a sunset on its side. This is where I kiss the canvas goodbye? Paint gesso over the orangey stuff. I think that's the solution and take it to the art class this weekend. 
I'll try again with a whole new canvas - which is already on its way and in the meanwhile I am going to make a SoulCollage about feeling useless as an artist.


  1. I really like it, tipped up or not. The colors are so vibrant. Set it aside and look at it again a week from now. And don't be so hard on yourself :) Maybe a SC card that helps you see your own creation with new eyes (a loving critic???. ~ Suzanne

  2. yeah - maybe I think a self critic card is, for sure, one to do! Good suggestion thanks!