Friday, June 8, 2012


Here is the updated ABC

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Progress before white out!

I put this up as a collage a few weeks ago. Then I painted it red, I just can't help myself then yesterday I started to over paint and the first coat started coming off. I do not know why. I glued the pages on with something acrylic so it should be compatible. So now I am going to gesso the whole thing and start again. All good, sticking on more pictures gives me something to do. Hope it doesn't happen again.
The white is reflection off a glitter star.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Long time away

I've been in England with my sick 91 year old Papa. He is now out of hospital and rehabilitation and is back living in his home with a 24 hour carer. Not ideal but better than it was. He was doing so well before he got sick and then off his feet - as they say. He is now walking with a zimmer frame or at best two sticks.

Anyway, now I am back and I see Paint Party Friday is into its second year and there are almost a 100 people signing up. WOW.

I have done very little art but have been writing. That's much more transportable. I did make little drawings of my two main protagonists.
           This is Tass                     This is Mirana
 In the original they have brown eyelashes not red as it would seem from these photographs, And yes folks, its a young adult novel! I'm about half way through and a bit um ... stuck in transition but am sure its going to flow again very soon. Still writing it everyday, just changing my mind about how its going to happen - a lot.

Also going to start work soon on some illustrations for a dinosaur story for kids. I am going to do some paintings and my partner is going to write the story. Hopefully. If he finds time. Maybe. Anyway that's the plan! So down the track I will start showing those.

YOO HOO my first blog for over two months.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

THE BOOK - Affirmation ABC

 I'm sure you are all heartily sick of the ABC. I was but had a resurgence of enthusiasm thanks to Bernadette (call her B) of Pinch Me fame. She gave me an elegant kick up the arse to get on with it. And I did. Studio a mess but it's finished. Now I can show it to some kids.

So here it is after a four month break.
The back and front cover

I've done a cheat sheet at the back about each animal.

Should be first but hey!!
Any one got any publishing ideas?

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Scratching my creative itch

Sometimes I just have to do something - anything just to be standing at the table and creating. I thought that I would make a back ground to paint on, something random as they  seem to work best. I started tearing up bits of citrasolved National Geographics. Then I found myself tearing other images then cutting out was what I wanted to do. The only deal, I don't choose, I just grab and any image I pick up I have to use somehow. I have a huge supply of magazine images for my SoulCollage work  so there is lots to grab from. 
This is it so far. It will look very different next time I show it!