Friday, December 23, 2011

I detest Picassa

Just when I think I have it sorted I don't.  I spent ages trying to find files and crop things and then couldn't  find them again. Then I get sucked into thinking I can do something clever with the collage function and I loose all the pictures. I detest it. Really I do.

So I made place mats cos we have the house rented out for 15 nights over Christmas and the table is a bit tatty so I thought place mats would help. This is what they look like in all their unedited glory!

We are off on the boat for the 15 nights. I am praying for easy weather. I am less and less keen on the chunky stuff. I am doing endless The Work judgement sheets on sailing. I have  seen a glimmer of the joy it could be but don't feel it yet. Sailing is hard, is that true!

I hope you all have a great holiday season.  Will get round to what I can and see you all some time next year.

Love Rosie

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Friday, November 25, 2011

Busy busy busy

I've been working to generate some money + cooking last Thursday for a three day Byron Katie workshop we had here on the Island + two days in town for meetings for an organisation I am on + now today I am cooking sweet things to sell at a Christmas gift fair on Sunday. I have just made my first lot of delicious Mrs Higgins type biscuits. Recipe here. and for the other recipes, just click on the name Chocolate caramel slice, Ginger crunch, carrot cake ( this has been in my cook book for years)  and lemon yogourt muffins (Mollie Katzen - Enchanted Brocolli Forest)  to go!!

I made another tartan on acid picture. If I hasd more time I would gather together the 6 other pictures of the pictures underneath this one. It's a very well used canvas! It might be the perfect way to paint with not a lot of time but in the end as a picture it's very so what. It doesn't DO anything. I think I might just try another with matching colours not opposites. I have been painting at the end of the day after making my phone calls selling Cut 'n'Paste and then have about an hour where I listen to a talking book and slop on paint. Brilliant. Now, to make something I like!
I will clean it up and maybe put something else on top. As my mate Mike said last night, its a lot of work for a background.
I will really try to get round to PPF this weekend. But - as you can see I am pretty busy. I will do a whole lot tonight and try and find time tomorrow.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Playing & having fun

I forgot to put this blog up on Paint Party Friday last week. I took last Thursday off to finish this painting cos I was so keen to see how it was going to work out. Unfortunately not too well. I painted layers and layers of paint with strips of very narrow masking tape in between. The tape didn't come off cleanly, paint had snuck underneath. It ripped some of the top paint off and it looks like "tartan on acid" at least that is how Terry described it! Shame cos its a good way for me to paint now that I am not having focussed painting time -  just  layer after layer of colour. Although I don't really like the way this one worked out I am doing another cos its such a great way to paint now and then. I have painted over the top of the moonlight with black tree I made for the exhibition. I will show a before and after when its done!
The other thing I did was a butterfly for the Butterfly Effect - see my side bar - with oil pastels. Haven't used them like that for a couple of years. Its also not great but then I am not after great at the moment, just doing!
This week I have been playing/doodling  with colour pastels and pencils and my always-in-love-with metallics and interference paints. You can kinda see the shine on the top picture.
 So, lets hope I get this up tomorrow. I wont get round a lot of other PPF as I am away all day Saturday, and, it's got so large.

Friday, October 28, 2011

I'm back

And WOW the Byron Katie School for the Work was FANTASTIC. I would go again in a heart beat. I know as I keep doing the work it will keep working on, and for, me.

I am keeping the Affirmation ABC in the bottom drawer for the next little while. My focus for the next few months  is going to be on creating an income for myself. 

I am fascinated by Lynne Hoppes work. And, I want to keep my hand in so to speak. So I have been playing around drawing faces, using already printed paper, starting with my non dominant hand and using water pencils and crayons and oil pastels. If you knew me you would know drawing women's faces is a very unlikely thing for me to do! It was fun. I want to still be creative but without any end goal like an exhibition or creating a book. Just do it for the sake of doing it. I might even splash around on a big canvas too! Watch this - now probably a bit irregular - space!

These two faces both have metallic oil pastels so they shimmer in the right light but was unable to capture it with the camera.

Friday, September 30, 2011


Well - its basically done. I still have to stick down N and X Y Z, but I can do that on Sunday. There are still lots of things to do to get it finished properly photograph each one, fix the sides and do the reference for who took the photographs.I have made contact with most of the photographers that want payment. That will all happen after I come back from my trip to USA which starts on Tuesday. This is the trip to see my family in North Carolina and do the Byron Katie workshop. I can't do the info with the pictures so have to do it here at the top.

Have told you about the aardvark and cat in earlier posts
The elephant comes from
No permission for Nyala yet. The picutre comes from and the Nyala its self comes from Houston Zoo
Thanks to for Quetzal
PPF Sheri for the unicorn
No allowed to show the whale
Yaminon by Dave Watts
Have asked for permission for the zebra
Still trying to get a response from cat, squirrel and Xola people.

The others are all free and when I have more time I will acknowledge each and every one of them.
The colours in real life are much more dynamic.

I love you should have just the way you are

This will be my last post for sometime. I am away for three weeks and when I come back I am going to have to focus on some money creation. I hope to do some non dominant hand drawing and painting and if I do I will post some of them up. I will try and have a look now and again and comment where and when I can. I suspect I will miss PPF way too much to not stay involved, but we are coming into summer and it's never as productive for me. Much love to you all.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Something nothing and not much of that!

I have been beavering away this week, cutting and pasting. I hope the ABC will be finished next week. I will show and tell it then.

On Monday night my friend Lorraine and I got together, as we do most Monday nights recently, to finish up doing Julia Cameron's Vein Of Gold ( The Artists Way on steroids!) We started in a couple of years ago and then the group disbanded and it never got finished - till now. So long preamble to the two pictures I am showing today. The exercise was to do something that has been done before and do it in a repetitious manner. So here you have flowers and hearts. I did them with my newish water soluble wax pastels. I really like them. And I LOVED doing something that wasn't FOR anything it was just done to do. I will do more. I have been so focused for so long, it was just lovely to muck around!

I have a really busy weekend but will do my best to get round to all the Paint Party Friday entries

Friday, September 16, 2011

Slow progress

There has been a lot of behind the scenes work over the last couple of weeks. Sourcing photos and trying to find the photographer and get permission to use the picture. Creating lists of where the picture comes from and who has and hasn't given permission. Sticking the pretty paper to the often three coated backing card. And cutting out the words. My friend Kim (who is also a member of the 'business' accountability group I set up last year, a pre school teacher AND most importantly is the person who suggested an affirmation ABC) phoned on Tuesday to say she was concerned that because I am using a higgildy piggildy font IE home made and  I have made the affirmation words curve around the animal,  kids, especially dyslexic ones, would find them too hard to read. A sleepless night ensued. Creatively I want them to curve they look 100% better. But I didn't want to make it hard for kids to read. Then I figured that in my mind I am making this a book for parents to read to kids, I am basically pitching it at 3 year olds. Anyway, in the end I have kept going with my creative vision. If anyone wants to publish it and thinks the words must be straight then I figure I can make it again. It would be a lot quicker the second time around.

I am still have difficulty with eager like an elephant, my two playing elephant babies look like something else to some people! I have looked at sooooo many pictures of elephants. They are not really eager animals! And a unicorn was proving to be a problem till I had a brainwave and got in touch with Sheri Cook from Paint Party Friday She has given me a picture of Lippizzaner she drew with pastels.  He still needs his golden horn! Lets hear it for PPF networking!

These are some of the others I have done. You have already seen the cat but it's sneaked in cos I changed it from clever to curious.
The colour is a bit dodgy cos the curtain is closed to stop them curling up in the sunlight. I particularly like the Iguana! My goal for next week is to have it all done. That might be a bit of a push as I have started a from home selling job which is now taking up some time. If not by the end of next week then for sure the week after.  Looking forward to catching up after a week away.
And today is my niece's LAST CHEMO YEAH.

Friday, September 2, 2011

On we plod

This is the second go at writing this post. The other one kept on snarling up Firefox and I have restarted the computer a number of frustrating times.

Not much art done this week. So much for being ahead last week! I have had the pages out on the floor most of the week and have been fiddling around with different colours and position of the animals etc. Also spent a lot of time looking for free pictures of animals.
I am liking them more and more! Hopefully next week I will have a whole lot more letters cut out and can show you more pages like this.
Oh - and yes, Aardvark needs a double A. It has it now. You might notice that I have changed the lettering a bit in that it's got movement around the animals. And I love the clever cat! Trying to get in touch with the photographer who is, I believe, called Claudia Romero and you can see more of her work here. Details about Beverly Joubert (Aardvark photo)  in post below

N is difficult, I've given up on newt and night owl and am trying a Nyala right now. It's a Southern African antelope. I tried to put up a picture of one up before and I think that's what mucked up the blog so here, instead, is a link to a photo of one This is the most adorable site of new born zoo animals. So what goes with a Nyala? Nice, nifty, noticeable or .... any ideas very welcome.

Have fun on Paint Party Friday I hope to have a bit more new next week.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Still doing!

I have had a busy week with some moments of feeling overwhelmed and its all great cos I am ahead of myself on my Affirmation ABC schedule. Once again, lets hear it for Paint Party Friday I  now have enough base papers as you can see - I need to make some more blue ones which I hope to get started today.

The stages to here are many. First cut base paper to size, then wet and scrunch the rice paper, matt varnish the base paper, then smooth wet rice paper out onto varnish and pat gently into place with paper towel. Dry. Then paint with wet acrylics. Dry. Iron the back of the paper having sprayed it with water first. Then paint a design on with a slightly stronger wet acrylic (some of them are too patterned and some not patterned enough in my opinion.) Dry. Iron  back again. Scribble on to colour  with carefully chosen oil pastels. Varnish with matt varnish. Cut backing paper away and voila! And, the great thing about it is I love doing every process, even the ironing, which I never do with my clothes!

 A couple of the stages.

I  was going to show you a picture of the backing colours, but I am still doing them.

There is still loads of work.  Lots and  lots and lots of letters to cut out, lots and lots of working out the best colour combinations (I have already changed the colour combo of the  rhino and Tiger) and  lots and  lots and lots of gluing. I know I should really just do a few pages and send it off to see if anyone is interested in printing it but I really want a finished project so am just going to finish it and then see.
Found another great photo site. It's called pixdaus. The photos don't seem to be copy written but am writing to each photographer, asking to use their image. Hope to get some replies soon.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Thank God for Friday

And for Paint Party Friday I have really got a move on in the last couple of days so I have something to put up. Below are the next two for the ABC. I discovered last weekend that the images I was looking to use for the animals were all going to cost a fortune so then I did more research and found a great site. It's called morguefile and has lots and lots of FREE photographs. The Rhino and Tiger are from there.  Does any one have a picture of their cat doing something clever that I can use? I have spent the week trawling through photographs and getting my paper prepped ready for painting and pastelling and today scrambled together these two. Learning lots as I go about sizing etc!

Now dear friends I really want some feed back.  Is the lettering OK, does it matter that it's a bit all over the place and not a standard neat font? Does it matter that some words are in different sizes? (FYI the white means you are and like a is on plastic so I can move them around. They will eventually be stuck down with out plastic around them.) Nothing is stuck down yet so there is still room for improvement. The feedback I have had so far for the first two is good, but I am still not sure. I'm concerned that  each page too similar to each other to keep adult and child interest for 26 pages. A whole book. What do you think?

And now, to something completely different. I have, for me BIG news. I have decided to go to LA to attend Byron Katie's School for the work in October. I am signed up and have bought my tickets so it looks like a go. I will also go and visit my brother and his family in North Carolina while I am in that part of the world. It's a big thing for me to sign up for. Lots of money being spent!! And I am sure worth it. I have done lots and lots of personal growth things over the years and The Work and the four questions are the best I have found yet. And, It's given me a deadline. I want the book done by the time I go. A few more days of prep, then it's just putting it all together!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Very very early days

Yoo Hoo - I'm back! It has been over two months since I did an arty post on Paint Party Friday.

The exhibition went well. I sold three large paintings @$200, $225 and $250 each and two small @ $90 each. They were all very cheap but at least I sold some. After Australia, my niece is still doing well but getting very fed up with chemo, I went to the 15 day silent retreat. It was very grueling. If you want to read a 'story' version of the retreat, go here!

I have been home for five weeks tomorrow. It's taken me a long time to get into action. I decided at the beginning of the year that I would paint till the middle of the year and use the retreat as a transition time. I am going back to my original 'invention', rice paper, very runny acrylics and oil pastels, to make illustrations for children's books. The art I was doing last year with the paper was very much stuff for children's walls. People don't tend to buy paintings for their kids but they do buy them books. I am sure you can follow my logic here!  I am finding my way with an affirmation ABC and this is what I have pictures of today. These are, as I noted in the post title very early days! At this stage, it's really just about me doing something again. Having found it hard to get started I am getting some momentum happening at last. Paint Party Friday has been a wonderful incentive. I was determined to have something to post today and I do! THANK YOU XXX

The pictures don't look as bright as they are in real life. So that is interesting cos printing will do the same thing. Photograph of the Aardvark taken by Beverly Joubert you can find some details about her here
Aardvark was taken by

Below is some of what came home from the exhibition!
Looking forward to catching up with you all again.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

My meditation retreat - Gumble and the Wise Nyani

Gumble and the Wise Nyani

Once upon a time there was a very busy Gumble. She was busy from morning to night doing all the things she thought needed to be done. One day Gumble decided to find a quiet forest and sit down, very still, on a rock. Immediately she started to busily thinking about all the things she had or hadn't done in the past, all the things she could be doing now rather than sitting on a rock and all the things she could do in the future. She became very uncomfortable on her rock and began to cry.

I don't like this rock,” she sobbed, “but I said I'd sit here so I am not going to stop.”

Then, along came a Wise Nyani. “Hello Gumble,” he said, 'Why are you crying?”

Because I can't sit quietly on this rock,” she cried, “I keep thinking about all the things I have or haven't done in the past, all the things I could be doing now rather than sitting on a rock and all the things I could do in the future.”

Ah,” said the Wise Nyani “You are suffering from what we call conditions, they will stop being a problem if you find Presence.”

Oh,” said Gumble brightening, “You mean like on my birthday. Where can I find the presents?”

It's not like a birthday present.” said the Wise Nyani, “They are also conditions, though nicer ones than feeling sad because you find it hard to sit quietly on a rock. You don't have to find Presence, you just have to Be Presence, because Presence is really all you are.”

Gumble looked at him and started crying again. “How can I be Presence when all I can think about are all the things I have or haven't done in the past, all the things I could be doing now rather than sitting on a rock and all the things I could do in the future. And now as well, how hard it to sit quietly on this rock.”

Well,” said the Wise Nyani gently “You can just breath all those thoughts into your heart, because your heart is the doorway to Presence.” The Wise Nyani seemed to know what he was talking about so Gumble decided she would stay on her rock a bit longer and try that.

The next day the Wise Nyani came by to see how Gumble was going with breathing her troublesome thoughts into her hear. He found her crying on her rock again. “I can't find my heart,” she sobbed, “so my busy thoughts have nowhere to go.” The Wise Nyani looked fondly at the crying Gumble. “One way to start,” he said “is to be kind to yourself, treat yourself like you would a friend who is a sad as you are.” Gumble cried even harder, “I don't know how to do that,” she said. “I am sure you do,” the Wise Nyani said, “try it and see what happens.”

Being a persistent Gumble - and still having something to prove - she again tried to get comfortable on her rock and to be kinder to herself. She found it did help her busy troublesome thoughts a little, even if they didn't fall into the quicksand of her heart, there was a little more space around them.

But, the next day the Wise Nyani found her crying again. “What is it this time dear Gumble," he asked. “I have been making such a fuss,” she cried. "I know other people struggle to sit still on their rocks but they don't cry and cry and cry.” “You do give yourself a hard time.” said the Wise Nyani. “Well," she found herself saying, "everyone else does, so I should too.” She paused, “That's what you mean by a condition isn't it? That's my wounded child condition. That's who has been sitting on this rock crying and crying. I've been thinking it's me, Gumble crying but it's the little one who failed at reading and has been 'failing' at meditation." Gumble stopped talking and looked at the Wise Nyani. “This is who I put into my heart, maybe the quicksand of Presence will swallow her up and maybe not, but this is where she has to live and who needs kindness.” Gumble sat taller on her rock. “I am going to become Rosie now, the adult nurturing the wounded child and open my heart to Presence so that she, the little one can heal.”

Unfortunately Rosie found that she still couldn't open her heart to Presence because she was still busily thinking about all the things she had or hadn't done in the past, all the things she could be doing now rather than sitting on a rock and all the things she could do in the future. In fact, it became so frustrating that she gave up trying and got off her rock.

When she talked to the Wise Nyani about her frustrations he again said, “Ah, conditions, the struggle is you wanting something other than what is.” “Yes,” said Rosie,”Because you have been saying for two weeks that Presence is where we are all heading and I am still busily thinking about are all the things I have or haven't done in the past, all the things I could be doing now rather than sitting on a rock and all the things I could do in the future and, of course, how hard it to sit quietly on this rock.”

Well,” said the Wise Nyani, “Those are your conditions and you can surrender to them or struggle because you want something different.”

Rosie understood what the Wise Nyani was saying so she sat back on her rock.When she thought and thought she tried telling herself that what she had was what she'd got and that was what was. It didn't really work. She'd been offered a glimpse of something really good and she wasn't getting any of it.
She realised that what she needed to learn first was remedial meditation. She had gone to a 15 day retreat to learn to meditate and that wasn't, for her, the right way to do it.

SoulCollage card #1 post retreat
On just about the very last sit, she found and put into her heart, to join the every-one-gives-me-a-hard-time-so-I-should-too little one and the academically failing could-try-harder teenage, (SoulCollage and reading here) the little one who had felt so miserable and such a failure because she couldn't read for her Papa.

And then suddenly it seemed, the retreat and the agony was over. She was very happy. The 15 days finished in a glory of conversation and the hard times faded away to an interesting growing experience.

Her final words to herself are: Be careful Rosie, be sure you want to put yourself into the crucible before you do anything like that again.

reading for this one here

Friday, June 10, 2011


Hi - just a quick update. I arrived in Sydney to very good news. Sophia, my niece, had her PET scan on Wednesday and SHE IS CLEAR OF CANCER!! She still needs to have treatments and I spent the day today in the chemo ward with her and her mother. Sophia had two treatments, did well and is still doing well tonight. She read my blog while stuff dripped slowly into her and she was very touched by all your loving comments. As am I! With love Rosie

Friday, June 3, 2011


YEA!! It's up. I think it looks great and ...I have my first sale! I decided to do a silent auction. Start price for all canvases $200. ($50 each for the three small ones.) My friend who helped me hang has put on the first bid for, of course, the one I like least! The last, and biggest, one I painted.
I love the sea but still don't think I got the clouds quite right.
Today - cook that I am - I am making afternoon tea for the Saturday opening. Home made Danish Pastries, scones, Toll House biscuits and a very New Zealand version of ginger crunch. Who cares, you are probably thinking. What does it look like. Well, like this:
 Yes, there is the dreaded tree. I quite like it now! I added a silvery sheen to the tree which gave it a bit of life. The three small ones, I realise, I didn't do a close up of but if you want to see them they are here and here
The gallery part becomes part of the shop here, and then back to the gallery part
Here. This below, is the by the door as you come in and looks great from the courtyard.
This is as you come in on the left. On the left is my artists statement. It's not the usual thing. I have added it in full to the bottom of this post. I cut it and cut it and cut it! The dream is a much bigger story.  but hey, there is only so much anyone can be bothered to read!
To make the silent auction look OK ( I hope) I put a copy of each picture on the little sheet so they aren't just forms, but also have some colour. Final picture here is the new skyline and extra work I did to the grasses on the boat one. Makes a big difference to the picture. Left old right new.

And Finally - I am not going to be posting for about a month. I am going to Sydney, Australia next Thursday to see my brother and his family. My far too young and beautiful niece has recently been diagnosed with cancer. Then after 10 days there I am home for 4 before going to a 15 day silent meditation retreat. And I wouldn't call myself a meditator!! I just feel really called to do it. I have done retreats before and it usually takes me 6 - 7 days to settle down so a 7 day retreat is just frustrating, so hoping that I will settle and get something out of it.  Nonetheless, I have given myself permission to leave after 7 days if I haven't settled down. I will try and follow PPF for the next two weeks and if you are still in Go Mode when I get back mid July I will start posting again. Phew this is a long entry.

Now, really finally - my artists statement!

Two and a half years ago I dreamed my best friend – not an artist – was proudly showing me a large exhibition of her paintings.  As we left the space I stopped in my tracks and said “Kath, there is a problem, I feel rage, THIS IS MY ART WORK” That day my vision was full of the paintings I had seen in my significant dream.

I’ve played with art since leaving an unfortunate art school experience in the early 70's. Two years ago, a combination of the dream, the possibility of having an art studio and some good fortune gave me permission to devote myself to art. The first year was experimental. It wasn't until late last year that I confidently held a paint brush and discovered how I like to paint. Into The Sunset is the result.

Why do I paint? Because it's fun. I love the warm, bright, strong colours. I delight in the finishing touches I put onto the canvas with the iridescent and interference paints. I love the way light plays on the canvas making the painting change at different angles. Each one feels like a bit of alchemy. They make me feel good. I hope they have the same effect on you.

Why a silent auction? I want to share these paintings, so I have set the price to a fair minimum. You can pay more either through bidding, or just because you want to! And, honestly, if I don't sell anything I am going to end up with a storage problem!

I hope you enjoy these paintings as much as I’ve enjoyed painting them.

Great love to you all. Rosie

Friday, May 27, 2011

PPF 11

This time next week the exhibition will be hung and that is what you will see for my pictures for Paint Party Friday week 12. I've been beavering away and  I thought I had time up my sleeve  but the last two things are taking a really long time. I've put a tree silhouette on the moon scape. I did it on paper first and looked and looked and looked at it and decided yes, go ahead. Now it's painted on - I DON"T LIKE IT. But I am stuck with it. Some one even said they'd buy it before I ****** it up! The big problems are the trunk, its too big and, it's just such a totally different picture now. It still needs its interference on the tree but that is not going to change the dead tree look! Ah well, I am pretty happy with all the other paintings. I should have stuck to my colour pallet!
 The big one I started last week is also  ummm... odd. The bottom part is great - I love the sea and the skyline - which you can see quite well on the top picture but the top clouds are just not working.YET
The grass on the bottom picture is just the paper version. I think it works, actually, I know it works, so that is a big long job tomorrow. 

And finally my studio is an absoloute tip! You can't see the floor or the general mess EVERYWHERE in this picture but I just push stuff aside and soldier on. I will do the big clean at the end of next week.

Friday, May 20, 2011


I don't seem to have done much painting this week. I did paint some over the weekend and that's mostly what I have to show you this week. So why has this week been so 'slack'. Well, Monday's creative effort was with SoulCollage and by the time Carla left I didn't really have much painting energy left. Tuesday - hmm what is Tuesday's excuse - I went had had lunch with my partner Terry but I was home by 1.30 then I sent the invites to the exhibition. Wednesday I wrote the press release for the exhibition - and looked at how to write an artists statement - gosh that's posh! Today, Thursday, who knows? I'm fiddling around writing this blog and having a general procrastinate! Doing lots of little unnecessary just yet bits like painting the edges of the 'finished' paintings. This is where I HAVE to trust the process and trust that I will do what I need to do when I need to do it.
This is what I have to show this week.
 And da da da the waves one with out the waves
I am sure you can all see, I certainly can, that the approach is changing a bit. I have one more big, the biggest I have ever used, 24" x 30", canvas to do and have found an excellent Waiheke Sunset. I started it a bit at the end of  yesterday, Thursday,  and got into a proper start today, Friday. I have put it up here even though it looks dreadful so that I can surprise us all with developments next week! I am mixing far more colours than I usually do. I mostly just paint straight from the tube.
Click here to see some pictures of Waiheke Island which is where I live. See if you can guess my photo inspiration! Have fun with Paint Party Friday