Friday, June 25, 2010

Colour again

I've put some pictures up just to get some colour back into this blog.The one on the left, which is still wet,  is another 24"x 24"

 This one says:
and as of today 29.11.10 its going under gesso.I'm interested to see what the textural outcome will be.

 I'm at it again with the art! I've given up on Illustrator. Last Wednesday I had the best day so far with it and I was still discouraged and depressed about it. I hated sitting down all day at the computer, I didn't like what I had made, though I was happy with how much I had learned, and if I was going to keep going I was going to need a new computer. My little darling is 10 years old, which is probably about 100 years in human terms. It works really well for everything except big graphics. So - I put a project proposal up on I've had a number of replies and getting some samples through. Some have great promise, Leah's wont work for kids but I think will be dynamite when I get into the adult stuff. The others look too young. The best is from Germany. Go figure. I think the samples being young are my fault. I didn't specify 6 - 12. If I want to see more I will offer to pay.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

What's happened to the art?

I'm not doing any. I'm tied up with learning how to use Illustrator. I more properly costed out the Kids Affirmation art idea. It is costly to make. So I am learning how to do much the same thing on Illustrator. This way I can offer a series of prices cos I can do PDF's as well as original art. My practice words - given that it's all about affirmation is I ROSIE AM A WONDERFUL LEARNER.  I am also doing an internet marketing course and have been thinking long and hard about what I am creating, why and who is it for. Then, writing a sales letter, pulling together resources, freebies etc etc. There is a lot more to do on that too. Plus of course trying to come to grips with Twitter. This all takes time, lets write that again TIME! I'm back on my bum at the desk. I need to incorporate standing up which was how I painted. I feel much better after a day of standing rather than a day of sitting. Changes need to be made but I am not sure how to work at the computer standing up with out moving it all over to the art table which feels like a huge sell out. This is not a moan. I am having a really great time solving problems, learning new things and creating a business. Three of my favorite things. Put some art back in and I am doing brilliantly.

Sunday, June 6, 2010