Friday, June 10, 2011


Hi - just a quick update. I arrived in Sydney to very good news. Sophia, my niece, had her PET scan on Wednesday and SHE IS CLEAR OF CANCER!! She still needs to have treatments and I spent the day today in the chemo ward with her and her mother. Sophia had two treatments, did well and is still doing well tonight. She read my blog while stuff dripped slowly into her and she was very touched by all your loving comments. As am I! With love Rosie

Friday, June 3, 2011


YEA!! It's up. I think it looks great and ...I have my first sale! I decided to do a silent auction. Start price for all canvases $200. ($50 each for the three small ones.) My friend who helped me hang has put on the first bid for, of course, the one I like least! The last, and biggest, one I painted.
I love the sea but still don't think I got the clouds quite right.
Today - cook that I am - I am making afternoon tea for the Saturday opening. Home made Danish Pastries, scones, Toll House biscuits and a very New Zealand version of ginger crunch. Who cares, you are probably thinking. What does it look like. Well, like this:
 Yes, there is the dreaded tree. I quite like it now! I added a silvery sheen to the tree which gave it a bit of life. The three small ones, I realise, I didn't do a close up of but if you want to see them they are here and here
The gallery part becomes part of the shop here, and then back to the gallery part
Here. This below, is the by the door as you come in and looks great from the courtyard.
This is as you come in on the left. On the left is my artists statement. It's not the usual thing. I have added it in full to the bottom of this post. I cut it and cut it and cut it! The dream is a much bigger story.  but hey, there is only so much anyone can be bothered to read!
To make the silent auction look OK ( I hope) I put a copy of each picture on the little sheet so they aren't just forms, but also have some colour. Final picture here is the new skyline and extra work I did to the grasses on the boat one. Makes a big difference to the picture. Left old right new.

And Finally - I am not going to be posting for about a month. I am going to Sydney, Australia next Thursday to see my brother and his family. My far too young and beautiful niece has recently been diagnosed with cancer. Then after 10 days there I am home for 4 before going to a 15 day silent meditation retreat. And I wouldn't call myself a meditator!! I just feel really called to do it. I have done retreats before and it usually takes me 6 - 7 days to settle down so a 7 day retreat is just frustrating, so hoping that I will settle and get something out of it.  Nonetheless, I have given myself permission to leave after 7 days if I haven't settled down. I will try and follow PPF for the next two weeks and if you are still in Go Mode when I get back mid July I will start posting again. Phew this is a long entry.

Now, really finally - my artists statement!

Two and a half years ago I dreamed my best friend – not an artist – was proudly showing me a large exhibition of her paintings.  As we left the space I stopped in my tracks and said “Kath, there is a problem, I feel rage, THIS IS MY ART WORK” That day my vision was full of the paintings I had seen in my significant dream.

I’ve played with art since leaving an unfortunate art school experience in the early 70's. Two years ago, a combination of the dream, the possibility of having an art studio and some good fortune gave me permission to devote myself to art. The first year was experimental. It wasn't until late last year that I confidently held a paint brush and discovered how I like to paint. Into The Sunset is the result.

Why do I paint? Because it's fun. I love the warm, bright, strong colours. I delight in the finishing touches I put onto the canvas with the iridescent and interference paints. I love the way light plays on the canvas making the painting change at different angles. Each one feels like a bit of alchemy. They make me feel good. I hope they have the same effect on you.

Why a silent auction? I want to share these paintings, so I have set the price to a fair minimum. You can pay more either through bidding, or just because you want to! And, honestly, if I don't sell anything I am going to end up with a storage problem!

I hope you enjoy these paintings as much as I’ve enjoyed painting them.

Great love to you all. Rosie