Thursday, December 16, 2010

My Babushka

The other day I slopped some red paint - as I said love that red - onto a base of modeling paste. Last night when looking at it to decide what to do next I saw this little creature peering out. I drew her with pencil and as she is going to be painted over (sorry darling) I thought I would put her up her for prosperity. She is really small and I can't take a great picture of it. It feels like my Lithuanian history  is peeping through!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Hours of painting

And now, I have run out of steam. So I am blogging cos I should really be cleaning up the house after a week by myself. I am a lot more slovenly when I am on my own!

I've painted a 24 x 24 red which is great but its a background for something and I don't know what. I wish they photographed as well as they look. This one looks fantastic with light shining on it full of iridescence, interference and gold.
But - it needs something.

 Then there is this one which was that one. Do like that red!

The next one I have been working on for a week on an off - well off and on really. I put down sand and went for my usual swirly lines. Oh I want to stop doing them, so the whole picture has been dictated by them. Last night while playing with something else I put this random picture on it and suddenly as a painting, which has serious problems, it came together. Now I need to find the right picture for the painting and find a way to incorporate it rather than have it sitting on top. Back we go to transfers with which I have had very little success so far. I have put up the one I took with the flash one as it shows some of the  iridescence and the interference.

11th March 2011 This is how it ended up and this way up. I am about to put more onto it so I can get rid of the swirls.
This post should be called hours of blogging, getting the pictures how I want them has been a mission. ( and with Picasa still is.)