Friday, November 25, 2011

Busy busy busy

I've been working to generate some money + cooking last Thursday for a three day Byron Katie workshop we had here on the Island + two days in town for meetings for an organisation I am on + now today I am cooking sweet things to sell at a Christmas gift fair on Sunday. I have just made my first lot of delicious Mrs Higgins type biscuits. Recipe here. and for the other recipes, just click on the name Chocolate caramel slice, Ginger crunch, carrot cake ( this has been in my cook book for years)  and lemon yogourt muffins (Mollie Katzen - Enchanted Brocolli Forest)  to go!!

I made another tartan on acid picture. If I hasd more time I would gather together the 6 other pictures of the pictures underneath this one. It's a very well used canvas! It might be the perfect way to paint with not a lot of time but in the end as a picture it's very so what. It doesn't DO anything. I think I might just try another with matching colours not opposites. I have been painting at the end of the day after making my phone calls selling Cut 'n'Paste and then have about an hour where I listen to a talking book and slop on paint. Brilliant. Now, to make something I like!
I will clean it up and maybe put something else on top. As my mate Mike said last night, its a lot of work for a background.
I will really try to get round to PPF this weekend. But - as you can see I am pretty busy. I will do a whole lot tonight and try and find time tomorrow.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Playing & having fun

I forgot to put this blog up on Paint Party Friday last week. I took last Thursday off to finish this painting cos I was so keen to see how it was going to work out. Unfortunately not too well. I painted layers and layers of paint with strips of very narrow masking tape in between. The tape didn't come off cleanly, paint had snuck underneath. It ripped some of the top paint off and it looks like "tartan on acid" at least that is how Terry described it! Shame cos its a good way for me to paint now that I am not having focussed painting time -  just  layer after layer of colour. Although I don't really like the way this one worked out I am doing another cos its such a great way to paint now and then. I have painted over the top of the moonlight with black tree I made for the exhibition. I will show a before and after when its done!
The other thing I did was a butterfly for the Butterfly Effect - see my side bar - with oil pastels. Haven't used them like that for a couple of years. Its also not great but then I am not after great at the moment, just doing!
This week I have been playing/doodling  with colour pastels and pencils and my always-in-love-with metallics and interference paints. You can kinda see the shine on the top picture.
 So, lets hope I get this up tomorrow. I wont get round a lot of other PPF as I am away all day Saturday, and, it's got so large.