Friday, May 29, 2015

Some of my other current work

I'm weaving into canvas and loving what is happening. The process to create what I weave is very organic, Then it's all measurements and straight lines, its a odd combination but works I think. The muse desended on me out of nowhere at the beginning of March. This is the first one I did. Each square is 2cm x 2cm (about 3/4 of an inch.) I had made this paper months and months before.

I fell in love with the whole concept. I made mistakes with this one so the next one didn't have those mistakes. And I wanted bigger squares which meant making more paper.

This is how I make the paper. Squeeze paint and fold it over and roll it out.

Then I make 'secondary' paper from the squeezed out paint. Don't have a photo of it. But here is some other paper. My heart opens when I find little pictures in the randomness.

More of the adventure next week. Oh and I have a Facebook page if anyone would like to like!

Looking forward to seeing you work. xxx Rosie

Friday, May 22, 2015

I'm back!

It's a long long time since I have put up any art anywhere and especially on PPF.
Life has changed considerably since June 2012 which is when I put up the updated Affirmation ABC. I now live in Australia, a bit north of Byron Bay. Work as a funeral celebrant when the work is there - its very patchy - and do accountability coaching when I can get it. And as the of last two and a half months painting again. The muse just descended and I have been going ever since.
Today I am showing my lights, same paper as the Affirmation ABC but stuck on to plastic and put over a small square frosted "lamp desk" Next week I will put up some of the new art. I hope this isn't too crafty. But I have it and can upload it and come back to PPF!