Sunday, January 16, 2011

Oh still my beating heart

I've been playing around on this hot hot summer day. I didn't over paint the other one which is called??What, what am I calling it? River running through it? Anyway what ever, its up on the wall and I love it, it looks like something an almost real artist would do. I want to paint like Robin Sierra Now she is a real artist and doesn't use brushes or anything normal. I would love to go and have a lesson with her, but, a little to far away.

Oooh - Katherine and Pete have just had another boy, yesterday.

What have I done today, tried the Nancy Reyner technique of making a gloss  medium  skin with colour on it, unfortunately a piece of  bubble wrap flew into it cos of the fan, so then I tried to put the same textural thing on another side but it was too sticky by then. I have painted the first layer over the babushka and something will come of that and ... I put a heart on the 24 x 24 much to Terry's disgust, but there is a heart exhibition coming up at the Red Shed so why not, I will, I suspect paint over the whole thing at some point anyway and I would love to exhibit something BIG.

24" x 24"
As ever, why do I bother? The colours are just blah compared to real.

Saturday, January 15, 2011


I think this is finished. And I know that what ever I must stop painting right now other wise I'm gonna mess up. You can't see the glow of the gold or the irridesence of the blue. I am going to have to talk to someone about how to take pictures of red. Having the base of darks and lights was wonderful. Now I need to work out how I can give myself another one. Maybe paint with gesso and black to give myself some lights and darks to work over. Or - just paint it like the 24 x 24 but with more purpose.
 May - I did over paint! And mucked it up but I fixed it and think it's better than before.  So, new one the left and re do on the right. Its all about the top of the picture!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Happy New Year

I've been running this blog for nearly a year now. I set it up just after my Papa left last year. So happy new year to me and all my readers!!!!
Been away on the boat for two weeks, had a very good time. I realised finally last night that if I don't paint NOW I wont be painting again till March. I have Heart Politics next weekend for a week, home for 5 days - well there, I've just found another five days I can paint -  before Jaya then Rebeh and Chris arrive. Then its all on again, more sailing, people in the house, people coming and going and our big party on 19th. So today I painted. Well actually I still am, I am just taking a blog break.

The problem with red is it doesn't photograph at all well. And the problem with me is I want to be good right now, not go through the experimental stage. But I have decided I am doing a red series and so that gives me "permission" to just use red. Today's effort is:
This has been painted - two layers so far, on top of a collage I did at a collage workshop. It wasn't good, so I ripped everything off and was left with bits still which gave me a canvas with some dark and some empty spaces. Am redding on top and will put some gold leaf on about three layers on. It is a lousy photograph.