Sunday, January 16, 2011

Oh still my beating heart

I've been playing around on this hot hot summer day. I didn't over paint the other one which is called??What, what am I calling it? River running through it? Anyway what ever, its up on the wall and I love it, it looks like something an almost real artist would do. I want to paint like Robin Sierra Now she is a real artist and doesn't use brushes or anything normal. I would love to go and have a lesson with her, but, a little to far away.

Oooh - Katherine and Pete have just had another boy, yesterday.

What have I done today, tried the Nancy Reyner technique of making a gloss  medium  skin with colour on it, unfortunately a piece of  bubble wrap flew into it cos of the fan, so then I tried to put the same textural thing on another side but it was too sticky by then. I have painted the first layer over the babushka and something will come of that and ... I put a heart on the 24 x 24 much to Terry's disgust, but there is a heart exhibition coming up at the Red Shed so why not, I will, I suspect paint over the whole thing at some point anyway and I would love to exhibit something BIG.

24" x 24"
As ever, why do I bother? The colours are just blah compared to real.

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  1. I extra love this one Rosie! Keep up the great painting you are on a roll:)