Tuesday, February 15, 2011

RED - again

Another stinking hot day too. I seem to choose them to paint in! Here they are - part of my series. A series of red paintings that don't look any good on the blog. Ah well.The one of the left is 22x 28 the little one is 8 x 12
This first one is in stage 2 so thought I would put it up now. This is the one I tried to make a random back ground but of course it can't be random cos I made it. The painting of it is pretty random though and I am no longer following the back ground and added more rice paper to it. I use masses of permanent Alizarine which was described on a blog as dirty and bloody - that's why I like it. I need to get some brown madder too but the tube I bought was all separated and the other one I looked at was the same. Find another brand next week. The top is too pink and yellow and there isn't much irrid or interference on it yet. I have signed up for an art class. I want to learn how to get another splash of colour into my reds or blues. I will take my pictures with me in the car so I can talk about them to him.
And the little one is on an experimental canvas which makes it a random background.

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