Friday, February 25, 2011

Red progresses

OK I thought I'd put this up now for my own interest really to see what progresses. I now have shells and buttons on it and they will get painted red tomorrow.
And in a real devilish sort of way I am putting up the very very very early sunset canvas  - I shouldn't really but hey! I am doing lots of work on the base getting texture in which I will then paint on top but am aware that might not work and I might have to make the paint textured and thick.
Seems strange in some ways to be still fiddling around with my art with the whole disaster in Christchurch but - what else to do?


  1. Rosie this is so interesting. I love your reads. And it's amazing you decided to incorporate the buttons and shells, like a collage. I follow a really interesting blog by a wonderful artist Patti from Dakota, I encourage you to follow her too!!

  2. I meant to write 'reds' hahaha