Friday, May 27, 2011

PPF 11

This time next week the exhibition will be hung and that is what you will see for my pictures for Paint Party Friday week 12. I've been beavering away and  I thought I had time up my sleeve  but the last two things are taking a really long time. I've put a tree silhouette on the moon scape. I did it on paper first and looked and looked and looked at it and decided yes, go ahead. Now it's painted on - I DON"T LIKE IT. But I am stuck with it. Some one even said they'd buy it before I ****** it up! The big problems are the trunk, its too big and, it's just such a totally different picture now. It still needs its interference on the tree but that is not going to change the dead tree look! Ah well, I am pretty happy with all the other paintings. I should have stuck to my colour pallet!
 The big one I started last week is also  ummm... odd. The bottom part is great - I love the sea and the skyline - which you can see quite well on the top picture but the top clouds are just not working.YET
The grass on the bottom picture is just the paper version. I think it works, actually, I know it works, so that is a big long job tomorrow. 

And finally my studio is an absoloute tip! You can't see the floor or the general mess EVERYWHERE in this picture but I just push stuff aside and soldier on. I will do the big clean at the end of next week.

Friday, May 20, 2011


I don't seem to have done much painting this week. I did paint some over the weekend and that's mostly what I have to show you this week. So why has this week been so 'slack'. Well, Monday's creative effort was with SoulCollage and by the time Carla left I didn't really have much painting energy left. Tuesday - hmm what is Tuesday's excuse - I went had had lunch with my partner Terry but I was home by 1.30 then I sent the invites to the exhibition. Wednesday I wrote the press release for the exhibition - and looked at how to write an artists statement - gosh that's posh! Today, Thursday, who knows? I'm fiddling around writing this blog and having a general procrastinate! Doing lots of little unnecessary just yet bits like painting the edges of the 'finished' paintings. This is where I HAVE to trust the process and trust that I will do what I need to do when I need to do it.
This is what I have to show this week.
 And da da da the waves one with out the waves
I am sure you can all see, I certainly can, that the approach is changing a bit. I have one more big, the biggest I have ever used, 24" x 30", canvas to do and have found an excellent Waiheke Sunset. I started it a bit at the end of  yesterday, Thursday,  and got into a proper start today, Friday. I have put it up here even though it looks dreadful so that I can surprise us all with developments next week! I am mixing far more colours than I usually do. I mostly just paint straight from the tube.
Click here to see some pictures of Waiheke Island which is where I live. See if you can guess my photo inspiration! Have fun with Paint Party Friday

Saturday, May 14, 2011


Thanks for all your kind words about my ear. It's heaps better, I'm not deaf in it any more. YEAH! I have had a much happier week and therefore have been more productive - I think.

GRRR I wrote this whole post up on Thursday cos I was out all day on Friday and for some reason it didn't save even though I SAVED IT. So, in a word or two this is what I did. Just went to post and discovered it wasn't just me. Big heart felt empathy for everyone else effected.

The one below is new - it has yet to have rushes painted at the front.
This one was the pink and blue one. I gave that another go and then gave up and made this one up, all the others use photographs as their starting inspiration.
Next - waves are gone but next week it will look even more different as am changing it a lot and putting a fisherman in it.
Just for  a change,  this one is a moon rise. It's way to dark and need to do something about the hard white line top right. It also has tree silhouettes at the bottom.
Thursday was a wonderful day. I painted and painted and painted and really enjoyed it. I was also listening to interviews from Inspiring Women Summit. Some great stuff there. Thanks for all your lovely comments and I look forward to seeing your work.

Friday, May 6, 2011

PPF week 8

This week I really have nothing much to show for myself. I have been dealing with ear problems which has knocked my painting on the head some what. They are, it seems, on the mend. Hope for a better week next week. The good news is a friend made the poster for my exhibition.  This is it. The picture in the latest version is a bit better.
I did finish a 'finished' painting. The image was falling off the left side of the picture and with the darker top right it all stays in place!

Gesso'd out the bottom of the larger sunset and gesso'd out the wretched waves of the long thin one. The top part which, of course, doesn't really show is quite nice. (Iridescent angled version on the left)
 Trust me, the waves looked much better in the photograph. So, not sure what I am going to do next with that canvas, try again? Do something very different or, in the end gesso it all out and start from scratch. So a lot of starting again this week. Oh and this embarrassment! It is the second try at a first coat and I do hope it's going to come good.
Hope to have more yummier stuff to show you next week. Thanks again for all your comments, it's very nice to know someone is looking and appreciating! Oh - and you might like to check out my other blog called SoulCollagenz Have a great Paint Party Friday