Friday, January 14, 2011

Happy New Year

I've been running this blog for nearly a year now. I set it up just after my Papa left last year. So happy new year to me and all my readers!!!!
Been away on the boat for two weeks, had a very good time. I realised finally last night that if I don't paint NOW I wont be painting again till March. I have Heart Politics next weekend for a week, home for 5 days - well there, I've just found another five days I can paint -  before Jaya then Rebeh and Chris arrive. Then its all on again, more sailing, people in the house, people coming and going and our big party on 19th. So today I painted. Well actually I still am, I am just taking a blog break.

The problem with red is it doesn't photograph at all well. And the problem with me is I want to be good right now, not go through the experimental stage. But I have decided I am doing a red series and so that gives me "permission" to just use red. Today's effort is:
This has been painted - two layers so far, on top of a collage I did at a collage workshop. It wasn't good, so I ripped everything off and was left with bits still which gave me a canvas with some dark and some empty spaces. Am redding on top and will put some gold leaf on about three layers on. It is a lousy photograph.

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