Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Red phase is now over

And there is a sense of phew! I have finally got to paint today and have done about half an hour. I need a fair few canvases on the go. I am using a different brush - after spending so much on the brushes I was using - and really trying to be free. Just putting up two pictures today.
This now what the grey scale looks like now. Coat #1 of many and it has no texture. Not sure how long that will last.

And this one is the citrasolv base that got painted red then got stuck.
It might or might not still be stuck. What I mostly got from the weekend is to free up. Whether this freeing up creates anything I like is yet to be seen. My plan now is to have a variety of canvases on the go, one of which will be the sunset again. I have got rid of the textured sea ( which I hated so much) on that canvas by putting a whole lot of texture over the whole thing. I think I will make that the new sunset base just to see what happens.

Yesterday I again looked at Robin Sierra's site I love her painting.

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