Thursday, April 8, 2010


Interesting afternoon. I had a Byron Katie session this morning about my early childhood teachers. Not going to go into it here. I haven't painted for four days. Did a long thin one this afternoon and then mooched around not doing more because I was full of "I should paint I haven't for four days." I decided not to, cos I know that when I paint with a should or am trying to make something it almost always doesn't work. It was 4.30 and I thought OK I'll read a book. Then I looked at the long thin one I painted earlier - I want to paint on top of it like the first one below and thought what if it doesn't work? Could I put dark colours on top? I grabbed another orangey paper trial I had done a few days ago and splashed dark paint all over it. It's kinda crappy but oozes potential.

 So then, all fired up, I launched into a really bad one that I've been experimenting with  (I was trying to reproduce something I did with oil pastels  three years ago)  I painted over the top of it. Pictures of before and after below. The thing is, there was such a stunning change in my energy, even though they aren't great my energy and connection just soared. I felt that wonderful tingle of creative excitement & wanted to document it.
This isn't great art! But it's great creative tinglement! Let's hear it for tinglement. I like that word!

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