Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Finger painting again

One day finger painting will also work. I will get it. In the meanwhile I will continue to just enjoy it. I did it yesterday again after creating a major drama over nothing, and giving myself a 'bad' day. I think my life is too calm and content and as an old drama queen I need a little more positive drama in my life. An adventure. A trip. Something. Anyway I dealt with yesterday differently as I decided to end the afternoon doing fun things that I like doing. One being finger painting the other making a fairy. I do think the finger paintings look a bit like "My Cat Could Do That"!
They both have glitter but it doesn't show.

1 comment:

  1. I didn't realise you had a blog-a-log too, great one. I love it, so much color and joy. I love the fallopian dance, the way it flows and the texture of the rice paper, it must be real nice to work with it. Your new house and studio looks amazing, so much space to allow the natural light flow through your creative being. You should check out another friend of mines blog, Scott Marr in the blue mountains, he is doing some amazing bush art stuff with pyrography and obtaining natural colors from the bush. You'd love it I really enjoyed the softness of the almost cosmic whirl pool pieces you did at the end of March. And your great day in April came out with a masterpiece, Loving it!!!

    I look forward to seeing the evolution of your creative self. Take care.