Monday, April 26, 2010

Not the best day

Well, there have to be some. I have been trying to get the backing sorted so that I can get the letters for the Affirmation Art cut out easily. Stu showed me how to do it. It looked really easy. I found it difficult and I gave up on it quite quickly. Also the system isn't going to be cheap. Then I decided to paint the four bits of rice paper I prepared yesterday. I should have gone and read my book. Given that they are going to be cut up into tiny letters it doesn't matter but I would love to have enjoyed painting them more. I also foolishly tried a rice papered canvas. Scraped the paint off and tired to tear the rice paper off while it was still wet is was so awful. Might have to have a day or two off and regroup myself. Maybe go into town tomorrow. The paintings are still wet - I really shouldn't put them up wet as they look much better than dry, but I haven't blogged for a few days.  I'm putting the two best ones up and will put them up dry tomorrow to see the difference .
WOW, they look great here! A clever bit of turning around and hey presto.

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