Friday, April 9, 2010

Great day

Didn't really get started till late but - I have been experimenting and playing all afternoon after yesterday's fun. Pictures and explanations below.
The top one is called crappy sunset! Then I did the over paint and have something fun and mysterious. It looks better in real life. but I sense I am on to something here. It seems to work better on canvas than paper. I have also discovered that if I make the canvas really wet with paint, I mean flooded, I can, if I don't like what is happening with the mixing colours (like this)
wipe if off with the ever handy paper towel and start again. So I have been doing a lot of joyful flooding!
At the moment this canvas is now in its fourth incarmation and looks like this:
It will look different tomorrow when its dry.  I love this shape canvas. I'm cleaning off  a big one I did a terrible collage on. Thus endeth today's post.

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