Saturday, July 3, 2010

Picture up before it gets the big going over

I get that I am trying to do something new and in fact it could take 6 months to get it right. I'm back to hand painting and rubbing off color on a differently textured background with things on top - or at least things on top is the plan I would put a picture of one of the bases up but the purple looks blue on the photo as does the green so it just looks blue. I see that failure thinking rather than learning thinking was what made me stop all painting for a couple of months. So, new broom and I am now into learning thinking.and if that means 'wasting' paint and canvas then so be it. The picture here is going to be covered up and I am going to start again. I like it, sort of but its on a wall I don't look at so I obviously don't like it that much. I have also learned that 24 x 24 is too big an area to waste paint on. so 18 x 18 and 20 x 20 will do. I've spent the morning outside on the deck on the 3rd of July - middle of our winter - sunning myself  near naked  cos its so hot. I thought I should stop cos I could well be getting sun burnt. I'm sure all that vitamin D is very good for my pretend chest infection. My volunteer stint at the movies - Toy Story 3 - calls.

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