Monday, May 24, 2010


Nothing much to do with art but heaps to do with having something nice to do while watching TV! I just looked up scribble knitting on Google. Apparently it comes from Debbie New's Unexpected Knitting
book published in 2003. (She has an incredible collection of knitting experiments. ) I learnt this technique from a wool spinner at the Hornby Markets (off Vancouver Island)  There are lots of scarf versions - my version goes like this:
# 10 needles. A ball of funky colourful wool anything up to 8 ply and a ball of 1 ply kid mohair. (In New Zealand its made by Naturally hand knit yarns.) The whole scarf is knitted in garter stitch.
With your funky wall loosely cast on 130 stitches.  Leave a 20 cm (8") tail of wool. Then knit five rows with the 1 ply. Then one row with funky wool. 5 rows 1 ply, one row funky etc. Every time you use different wool leave a 20 cm (8") tail of wool. This makes the fringe. One ball of 1 ply will usually give you (including casting on and off) 8 rows of funky colourful stuff. When you have your eight rows of funky, cast off loosely and there you have it a long, soft, pretty and warm scarf.
Two scarfs

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  1. Gorgeous scarfs Rosie! I'm sure that if I tried this I'd end up with more holes than scarf. Love the way the blog is looking too :)