Monday, March 22, 2010

Out of the closet

I decided today to make this blog a bit more "real". And then I listened to Scott Martineau talking about self disclosure so it feels like the right decision. So here goes.
I have just finished a Byron Katie workshop here on Waiheke Island. I think 'The Work' is fantastic.
I am on lesson 23 of  A Course In Miracles ( I got up to lesson 136 10 years ago, which was the last time I did it.)
I am an Abraham freak!
I am also a passionate fan of Julia Cameron and have been doing morning pages for almost three years.
So how do I put that all together?? In the end it's all about my thinking.
Jill Bolte-Taylor says that the thoughts that rule our lives  come from an area in our brain the size of a peanut. All those thoughts come flooding through a peanut. Well not quite, but when my brain is going crazy with fearful or vengeful thoughts that idea helps me put it into perspective.  If you haven't read Jill's book 'My Stroke of Insight', do. It's a really remarkable book by and about an remarkable woman.
So there we are. I am out. Back to the art tomorrow.

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