Thursday, February 9, 2012

THE BOOK - Affirmation ABC

 I'm sure you are all heartily sick of the ABC. I was but had a resurgence of enthusiasm thanks to Bernadette (call her B) of Pinch Me fame. She gave me an elegant kick up the arse to get on with it. And I did. Studio a mess but it's finished. Now I can show it to some kids.

So here it is after a four month break.
The back and front cover

I've done a cheat sheet at the back about each animal.

Should be first but hey!!
Any one got any publishing ideas?


  1. Applause for getting Q, X. There are going to be kids out there with some remarkable knowledge about exotic animals!

  2. Hey Rosie - I think it is time to get a publisher - seriously, just start sending it out!!!! I think it looks wonderful and all celebration to you for your efforts